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Mar 10, 2023

Ep 285: Are You An Immigrant Entrepreneur? How Russian Immigrant ALINA TIMOFEEVA’s Ted Talk On Failure Became One Of UK’s Most Viewed

Originally from Russia, Alina Timofeeva immigrated to London with the expectation of being a housewife. She has since then become the Associate Partner at Oliver Wyman Digital, winning multiple awards for her expertise in guiding major organizations' C-suite to achieve their business ambitions through safe and cost-effective technology strategies. Her outstanding work has earned her recognition as a Digital Leader, Cloud Professional, and Inspirational Person of the Year. 

Personally, Alina is passionate about giving back to her community, especially to colleagues from underprivileged and immigrant backgrounds who face similar challenges to the ones she's experienced. She offers them support and guidance, sharing her own experiences to help them overcome obstacles and thrive. 

Her TEDxTalk "Fail But Never Give Up" has been watched by 500,000+ unique viewers and translated into 20 languages. 

You can watch it here. 

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