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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN, Visibility Strategy, Brand Awareness, Business Growth, Marketing, Sales

Jun 4, 2021

Ep 184: FREE Coaching - 3 Steps to Leverage Speaking for Your Business. SPEAK FOR PROFIT SERIES

I am SO excited to share with you my plans for the month of June in my business. I’ve decided to go ALL OUT and do a complete brain dump of all I know in terms of converting every speaking opportunity you have into SALES.

If you’ve been around me long enough, you know I’ve become extremely visible in the last 3 years - speaking on podcasts, in person and virtual events as well as being on TV, but what I’ve learned is that VISIBILITY alone isn’t enough - we have to be MAGNETIC to attract leads and clients every time we speak about our business. So get ready to learn the 3 steps to leverage speaking for your business and come get FREE coaching in my Speak for PROFIT series:

Ready to move faster? Join us in The Empowered Woman School for accountability and implementation: