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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN PODCAST, Personal Development, Mindset, Marketing, Business Strategy, Women Entrepreneur, Visibility, Credibility, Profit, TEDx, Speaking

Oct 21, 2021

Do you want to increase your confidence levels?
Do you want encouragement & accountability to become more visible and increase your IMPACT?
Do you feel STUCK? Are you not making the connections you want to? Are you not finding the right people?
As a business owner you need clients and partners... are you tired of chasing people and DMing aimlessly?
Then my 4-week program, SHINE BRIGHT & CONNECT IS FOR YOUUUUUU!!
I sit down with 3 of my clients who enrolled in my Shine Bright & CONNECT program and hear their side of the story. Hear from Nina Macarie, Bella Bliss & Heather Sackrison and join us!
We begin next Tuesday Oct 26th: