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Nov 30, 2022

Ep 269: Discovering & Confirming Your Purpose through Human Design with EDEN CARPENTER

This is a special episode for some many reasons: #1 this is a birthday episode as I celebrate 36 trips around the sun #2 it’s an interview I’ve been talking about having on the show for a LONG time #3 I’m also announcing a super exciting birthday offer.

I had the pleasure of talking with my Human Design mentor Eden Carpenter whose certification course I’m currently taking. She shared her journey in starting her business WITH BEACHBODY at around the same time time as me, going through nursing school and then landing on HD and all the amazing stuff she’s now doing.

But that’s not all - I was also on HER show on a coaching episode, you can find the link below - AND I’m launching my VERY FIRST HD offer: Signature Talk by Design, where I help you find your purpose and, therefore, your talk topic IN YOUR HD CHART and craft a powerful presentation to showcase your life story, your purpose and your business.


Connect with Eden: 

Listen to my episode on Eden's podcast, The Energetics of Everything:

(My first Human Design offer!) Get your Signature Talk by Design Blueprint: