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Mar 24, 2023

Ep 287: Struggling With Fear Of Failure? Tackling Fears As Entrepreneurs And Tools For Overcoming Them

"Is this too much? Will people think I am too full of myself?"

 These are visibility fears that I have every time I go to an event and pull out my life-sized banner of myself. Whatever visibility you have that’s prominent will not go away because it’s there to protect you. But as you become aware you’re able to talk back to that fear and say, “I’m safe. I’m okay.”

This is the conversation that I have with myself ALL THE TIME. 

And guess what? The women that think that I’m full of myself, are not the people that will engage with me. The women that look at my banner and see that I am confident, find me inspiring, and want my help, those women are the people for me. These are the people that I want to focus on. 

It’s obvious, right? 

And yet, we still struggle with fears of failing and not being liked by everyone and not being successful. We are afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Etc etc!

Today I will go over all of this, and how you can learn to stand out in the Authentic You.


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