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Sep 8, 2023

Today we are joined by two lovely ladies, as the tell their stories about they they decided to get certified for HD and how they plan to use it! 

Jamie Lynn is a breakthrough expert, an international bestseller, and a 5/1 Projector



Heidi Christianson is the owner and agency director of Let Mommy Sleep of Idaho, and 1/3 Pure Manifesting Generator 

Let Mommy Sleep

Personal Website


Whether you're brand new to Human Design or have some awareness, Empowered HD School will help you align with your Future Self NOW!

My membership Empowered HD School is open for enrollment 
And early bird registration for my Human Design certification

Here's what you get when you join Empowered HD School: 

  • One new HD training a month

  • Member's Portal with on-demand Level 1 Human Design content 

  • Private Community & Accountability

  • Monthly worksheets & resources


And big news: my song is out!!
I would love for you to have a listen to it :) 
You can listen to it here!