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Apr 5, 2024

Have you ever started something you love but found out it's hard to make money from it? 


Many women entrepreneurs start businesses because they're passionate about something, but then they hit a big problem: money management and finding enough time to do everything they need to do. 


It's like wanting to run before you can walk, very tricky!


Today I am thrilled to have Marley Majcher, the CEO of The Party Goddess, a celebrity-based catering and event planning company. Marley shares her entrepreneurial journey, starting from a summer of cooking school in Paris to establishing her successful business. 


Marley opens up about the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial path, including the lessons she learned from financial missteps and personal challenges. She discusses the critical importance of financial awareness, urging entrepreneurs to pay attention to their business finances and time management. You’ll learn invaluable insights into avoiding common pitfalls that many new business owners face.


Join us as Marley inspires us to look beyond the glamour of success and focus on the foundational elements that truly sustain a business over time.


Always empowering women,


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About Marley:

Marley Majcher, CEO of The Party Goddess!, has planned events for A-list celebs, such as Pierce Brosnan and Sofia Vergara, and now, with her book, But Are You Making Any Money?, she has become a sought-after expert on issues and trends facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her business savvy has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur magazine and more. For more information, please visit, or follow @ThePartyGoddess on Twitter and Instagram.

Connect with Marley:


IG: @thepartygoddess    @theprofitgoddess

TikTok: @thepartygoddess1