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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN, Visibility Strategy, Brand Awareness, Business Growth, Marketing, Sales

Aug 11, 2023

Anastacia Haye is a woman empowerment coach, Christian image stylist, and author based in Delaware.

As the founder of Anastacia's Styling and Work In Style Boutique, she helps women executives dress for success with ease and confidence.

Anastacia graduated from the Art Institute with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising and has since made it her mission to help women embrace their unique beauty both inside and out.

Anastacia has forged meaningful relationships with women from all backgrounds and walks of life, using her expertise to transform their personal style and build lasting self-esteem.

She has even had the opportunity to style models for prestigious events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Anastacia's true passion lies in connecting with her clients and empowering them to show up in the world as their best, most confident selves.

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