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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN, Visibility Strategy, Brand Awareness, Business Growth, Marketing, Sales

Aug 25, 2023

Maureen has over 25 years of business leadership experience partnering with clients such as P&G, General Mills, Burger King, and United Airlines at top advertising shops including Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi, and McGarry Bowen. 

Over the years, she has designed countless mentoring, training, and leadership programs for her...

Aug 18, 2023

When I started out in my business, I realized I was relying too much on other people's thoughts. I didn’t know how to rely on myself and trust myself. 

Fast forward 7 years and now I have the mindset of, “if it sounds crazy, and people think it’s crazy, I don’t care.” I trust myself, which has led to success...

Aug 11, 2023

Anastacia Haye is a woman empowerment coach, Christian image stylist, and author based in Delaware.

As the founder of Anastacia's Styling and Work In Style Boutique, she helps women executives dress for success with ease and confidence.

Anastacia graduated from the Art Institute with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion...

Aug 4, 2023

Being an entrepreneur is a double-edged sword. 

On the plus side, you set your schedule, work to build your own business, and have the freedom to do whatever you want. 

On the downside, it can be hard to separate from your business and unplug. To really take a vacation. You are oftentimes, in some way, always ‘on.’