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THE EMPOWERED WOMAN PODCAST, Personal Development, Mindset, Marketing, Business Strategy, Women Entrepreneur, Visibility, Credibility, Profit, TEDx, Speaking

Jun 17, 2022

On this episode I make some fun announcements:

1) you can now join DROP-IN classes in TEWS, so if you’re not ready to join the membership on an on-going monthly basis, check it out! and

2) I’ll be doing monthly Empowerment Tips for each of the 3 personality types, Feelers, Thinkers & Doers. This month, we are focusing on CONNECTIONS. What is the best advice for building relationships that advance your life and business? Go take the quiz first and then come back and listen!


Now here’s my special offer: you can have the AUTHORity Showcase Summit REPLAY with $10 off using code AUTHOR ☺️📚
The link for the replay is here: